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Food evokes excitement and memories and this is the core principle I follow as a cook. With a background in product design and an interdisciplinary attitude, I create sensory food experiences that blur the boundaries between food and play, dishes armed with a sensory perception of taste and an artful presentation.

After attending courses at the Matthew Kenney “Plantlab” culinary academy in California and Barcelona, I have been manipulating fresh and high quality ingredients creating tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes that are both healthy, fun and visually pleasing.

Working mainly with natural ingredients, whole grains, healthy fats, sugar alternatives as well as seasonal and local produce, my recipes and ideas revolve around flavour and nourishment through a plant based way of eating.

I create customised menus for restaurants, businesses and individuals, consult and cater for small gatherings or intimate meals and work as a stylist for food brands as well as printed and online press.

Although this is not a food blog per se, I will occasionally share recipes and the edible experiments from my playtime in the kitchen.

© 2021 Christina Kotsilelou