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Mass Productions x Myran

December 2023

Swedish design company Mass Productions held a hands-on, DIY workshop in Myran Scandinavian Design in Athens! Invited architects from various practices in Athens were asked to assemble the company’s iconic “4MP self build” plywood chair in groups of 5 using hand tools and the provided manual.

In the spirit of DIY, together with Johan Annerhed from OOAK architects, we designed a dinning experience where the guests had to work for their food: a selection of root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, beetroot and celery root were baked in a salt crust which the diners had to break with wooden hammers. They would then assemble their plate adding a bulgur salad and various toppings like pickles and sauces.

The dessert station at the end of the workshop was developed in the same spirit: the guests could personalise their ice cream sundae using different toppings like nuts, sauces, chocolate cigars and maraschino cherries.

Selected images by Alexandra Papoutsi.