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Plant based cheese workshop

March 2021

Making plant based “cheese” is a long process and involves many stages, some very similar to traditional dairy cheese making. The base for vegan cheese is nuts, mostly cashews because of their creaminess, which are soaked in water overnight and then blended into a smooth paste.

From then on you continue to the acidulation: the stage where you introduce friendly bacteria such as probiotics and you start the ‘ripening’, you proceed to the fermentation stage which is happening mostly in a dehydrator and then you can chose if you want to age your cheese, which usually takes place in the fridge and can take days or even months.

In this workshop, which took place at the Onassis Air residency, we used a cashew and macadamia nut base and tried different flavourings such as miso and turmeric, black garlic and porcini mushroom, truffle oil and a creamy version filled with olive paste.

Selected images by Nefeli Myrodia.